Care worker spots ‘Crucifixion of Jesus’ inside his tangerine, or is it Spiderman?

Jesus pledged to always be present – and one care worker is convinced that proverb has been proven true.

Gene Guglielmi did a double-take when he spotted an unusual figure in his freshly-peeled tangerine, with the care home worker left reeling at the resemblance the iconic outline had to the Messiah

The 57-year-old was stunned by the visage of Jesus that he spotted hanging from two citrus segments while he took a break at work.

He scrambled to take pictures of the citrusy saviour – which show the fruity figure from different angles with a clearly defined head, slender torso and arms outstretched.

He shared the images on social media, where stunned users suggested he could turn his bounty into a banquet by selling his “blessed orange.”

Gene, from Vineland, New Jersey, US, said: “I spotted the figure as soon as I separated the two halves of the tangerine and it looked like Jesus.

“I remember thinking ‘cool look at that, a figure that looks just like Jesus hanging on the cross, neat’.

“I also thought ‘wait ’til my friends see this, they’ll think it’s cool too’.

“The ends of the legs were connected at the bottom, I removed those strings to make it look more like he was hanging and it looked more like two connected legs until I separated them.”

Gene shared the snaps on Facebook on November 17th with the caption ‘Four different shots of the same tangerine’.

The post went viral racking up more than 3,200 likes, shares and comments.

Delighted social media users shared comments, agreeing that it did look like Jesus inside the tangerine.

Others compared the outline to Tobey Maguire’s portrayal of Spider-Man in his second outing as the superhero in Spider-Man 2 when he stops the train with his bare hands.

Queeny Smith wrote: “This looks like Christ on the cross also coming from the tomb, also angel wings, this is amazing.”

Jessica Balbo Pfister commented: “My goodness it’s a crucifix.”

Kian Bray wrote: “We have been waiting for Jesus to return, and he was just chilling in a tangerine this whole time.”

Aezra Hale wrote: “It’s that Spiderman scene with the train bless.”

Toby Maddocks commented: “Looks like Tobey Maguire holding the train back from Spider-Man.”

Virginia Hill had a more enterprising mind and quipped: “You could sell that as a ‘blessed orange’ to some religious fanatics for some good cash.”