‘Flight attendant told me how to bag a first-class upgrade it actually works’

Flying first class is a luxury that many of likely will never get to experience, because, let’s face it.. it’s not cheap.

But, it turns out that if you are eager to experience how the other half live, but you just haven’t the cash, there is something you can do to try and bag a free upgrade.

TikTok user Ceara Kirkpatrick ( @cearakirk ) has revealed how she recently met a flight attendant, who spilled the beans on how to get that cheeky upgrade.

In a recent clip, she said: “I was like, ‘what are the tips, what are the tricks, what is the insider scoop?’ And he was like, ‘Okay, you need to look nice on every single flight.'”

Erm, that sounds like an awful lot to ask, considering most of us rock up to the airport wearing tracksuits and hair scraped back with no make up on.

Ceara added: “When you check-in, they will literally mark you as ‘Suitable for Upgrade’ if you look nice and only if you look nice.

“If you look like a piece of garbage, like how I usually fly, you’re never going to get upgraded.

He said sometimes they’ll upgrade you regardless of status, even if you’ve never flown this airline before, just because you look nice.”

So, there we have it. The secret to try and bag an upgrade is literally just to try and look nice. Yeah, I think I’ll be staying in coach for the time being.

One cabin crew member commented: “I’ve upgraded people because they say hello and acknowledge me when they get on, and they look nice and put together! It matters!”

“I work in the airlines and looking nice is the key to getting an upgrade,” another added. “You can politely ask for one, sometimes a small gift helps too.”