‘People stare at my two-stone baby they accuse me of being a bad parent’

A mum has told of the unusual reactions she gets while out in public with her son who weighs more than two stone.

Nabille McHugh, 30, says baby Atlas weighed an average healthy 7lbs 14oz when he was born – but had a huge growth spurt aged two months.

Now the 31.5 inch-tall tot weighs just over two stone and is so heavy Nabille has to frequently switch sides when she holds him, and use her leg as support.

She says her son, who is ten months old, now turns heads everywhere he goes thanks to his adorably chunky bod – but not all comments are welcome.

She said: “Whenever anyone holds him, everyone has something to say about his size – whether it’s their back hurts, or their arms can’t handle it, it’s always a comment.

“Most non-family members comment on my ‘toddle'” and are shocked when I tell them he is still an infant.”

The mum from Denver, Colorado, USA, has 87,000 followers on TikTok after sharing videos of her son on the platform.

“Some of the questions I get are ‘was he that big when he was born’, ‘are you ok?’, ‘what do you feed him?’ and ‘are you small or is he big?'” she said.

Nabille discovered she was pregnant with her second child with husband Tyler McHugh, 28, when she was only three weeks along.

She said: “We were trying to get pregnant so I was testing religiously – I was stoked! I immediately felt shivers down my spine and screamed.

“My daughter really wanted a sibling and I couldn’t wait to give her the news.”

Her pregnancy was relatively stress-free, and her bump remained a normal size even though Atlas was measuring two weeks ahead.

Atlas was born on January 23 2021 at 12:34 pm and weighed a healthy 7lbs 14oz.

“I was in love when I first saw him!” said stay-at-home-mum Nabille.

“His large stature definitely comes from dads side of the family, my side of the family is short, my husband’s side is all six feet and up.

“He was average size for a newborn, but he kind of started hitting his growth spurt between two and four months and has been steadily growing since then.”

Atlas is slowly starting to move on to solids, and Nabille says she breastfeeds him five times a day.

“My daughter ate way more than he does. He’s heavy, but I make do with it because how can I not hold him!

“I just have to switch sides and use my leg to prop him up most of the time. Of course, my back hurts but it’s worth it.”

“Not going to lie, he grows out of his clothes way too fast.

“He is currently in 24M clothes and this is the longest stretch we have gone with this size, but he was never in newborn size.

“The doctors have no concern as his weight and height are proportional on the growth chart, he is just bigger overall, but no weight issues whatsoever.”

While many comments have been positive, the mum has also been plagued with trolls.

She said: “Every now and then there are negative and nasty comments about my son or accusing me of bad parenting because of his size.

“I get so many people telling me that I used a filter to make him look that big, I think that’s just hilarious!”

The tough mum knows to ignore or block the haters and wants to continue showing off her gorgeous son, and four-year-old daughter Aria, to the world.

She said: “I would just like to normalize bigger babies, big babies have always been around but social media hasn’t.

“Not because a baby is bigger or smaller than average means that they are automatically unhealthy or something is wrong with them.

“Babies come in all shapes and sizes, I would know since I have two kids – one was tiny and one big.”