“I quit and sparked a mass walkout over my boss’ treatment of a coworker”

A man said he sparked a mass walkout after quitting when he was outraged by his boss’ behaviour – who shouted at a coworker in front of all the other staff.

Sharing his story anonymously, the man said that the atmosphere at work was sour – as the company had given everyone a pay cut to avoid making redundancies during the pandemic.

But things took a turn and the company unexpectedly made a massive profit, and the bosses decided to keep that for themselves rather than give their employees a pay rise or previously discussed bonuses.

Then, one of the managers embarrassed an intern in front of the staff so the man decided enough was enough and walked out – and soon ten other members of staff followed him.

Taking to Reddit, the man said: “I sent a company-wide email, which is standard, saying I was quitting and highlighted the interaction between the boss and the intern as the main reason.

“Then immediately 10 people emailed me back to ask me who the manager was and to avoid leaving a trace I told them in person and within a few days most people knew.

“I work IT where finding a new job now is really easy and tons of friends would offer me referrals into their companies immediately. I found another job within the two weeks and am starting on Monday.

“There’s been over two dozen people sending quitting emails and now the company is shutting down people’s emails a few days before they leave so they can’t send goodbye emails and link their LinkedIn or phone numbers so current employees can’t find them to piggyback to the next company.

“The boss came to berate me as he was being disciplined and might lose his job. I don’t feel sorry for him because he’s a jerk but his family is going to be hard hit because he doesn’t have any marketable skills other than PowerPoint.”

After sharing his story online, the man was inundated with advice from other Reddit users who applauded him for taking a stand and walking out.

One said: “Why do people think they’re morally obligated to protect their employers from the consequences of the employer’s own actions?”

And another wrote: “You did nothing to get him potentially fired. His own actions did that.”